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FTG-NAR20 Flamethrower Gun Testing

YOU MUST SEE THIS! Check out the ClubTac Team at the ClubTac Testing Facility HQ as they test out the civilian legal flamethrower called the FTG-NAR20 by made by Supervillan Supplies! This is definitely an item that ClubTac will be including in their monthly supply drops!

Which Crate Does One Choose?

Choose the best crate for your survival needs.

Real Flamethrowers?

Yes we use flamethrowers. These tests are for your safety, no survivalist were injured in the making of this video. Well maybe 1 or 2.

Quikcord Product Testing

Built by a U.S. Marine Infantry & Special Operations VET, QUIKCORD is the essential piece of gear that belongs in everyone's kit. Here we test out QUIKCORD, and give our honest review! The BuzzSaw feature is kick ass btw!

Picked By Professionals For Professionals

Crate Opening : “Guns & Gadgets” reviews a ClubTac crate. Finding tools that will help you in a bind!

You Get What You Pay For and Then Some!

Crate Opening : “Skills 2 Survive” reviews a ClubTac Premium

Dynamic Prepper Digs It

Crate Opening : “Dynamic Prepper” reviews our monthly greatness! 2 thumbs way up!

All This? In one box. WOW

Let the gear speak for itself.

THIS IS A NO-BRAINER! Nothing Here Is Cheap.

Radix is not easily impressed but ClubTac "Hit It Out Of The Park"

Holy Smokes This Gear Works!

Gear that is tested before you need it. Watch as we use a M18 Smoke Grenade to test out the new Gas Masks!

Best Damn EDC

Don't Knock It Till You Rock It

Honest Review

Just another box review from someone who knows their S***

Someone in Brighton, CO subscribed: ClubTac Standard - Private First Class